Account Types

TSB Securities offers 2 types of accounts: Let Us Invest For You (DCS) and Trade For Yourself (MCS).

Let Us Invest For You (DCS)

By opening this type of account you take the stress out of investing by giving one of TSB Securities’s experienced portfolio managers the discretion to manage your investment according to your predefined investment objectives. Thebe Stockbroking offers a range of model portfolios to choose from.

These options are suitable for investors who do not have the time or interest to be actively involved in managing their investments on a daily basis.

Trade For Yourself (MCS)

By opening this type of account you manage your own investment with TSB Securities. You decide which shares you want to include in your portfolio.

Your trade decisions can either be executed by giving an instruction to one of our Private Client Traders or you can execute your trading yourself through our online or mobile platforms depending on account package.

A Trade For Yourself account is suitable for more experienced stock market investors who want to be more active in managing their own portfolios.

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